What Does Data Aggregation Mean to You?

The Challenge

Unlike many independent financial advisors, we have a strong focus on young and successful professionals under 55,” says Andy Seth, Managing Partner of LotusGroup Advisors. “Our entire team is young and highly driven and we feel we can relate well to the young couple or family who have good jobs, are saving money and are really focused on growth.” The firm provides upscale wealth management services with an emphasis on active investing.

One of the keys to profitably growing their business, says Andy, is to be lean and extremely efficient. “We are super tight when it comes to processes and technology, and are 100% electronic. We leverage technology for everything we do so we can spend more time on sales and service while keeping our promise of actively managing money as we grow.”

But that wasn’t always the case. At the outset, many processes were done manually and the LotusGroup team knew they had to address this quickly if they were going to create a sound, high-growth business.

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