A Buyers Guide to Wealth Management Technology and Services: Five Steps to Making the Right Decision

The onset of advanced technology has dramatically increased the ability of financial advisors to provide increasing levels of value for their clients. It has also created a technology implementation and account servicing nightmare.

The ability for an advisor to effectively compete in the financial advice market is no longer simply a function of providing good financial advice within the context of a client relationship.  It requires providing additional ongoing services such as lifetime financial planning, updated household asset information and real-time communication.  This new landscape for an advisor requires the procurement and implementation of complex technologies and services.  The costs of acquiring these technologies and services continue to rise and selecting the wrong technology could have devastating impacts on an advisor’s ability to drive practice growth.

Please join us for a presentation of our white paper in order to understand what an advisor should be looking for when evaluating and implementing new Wealth Management technology and services.

Founded in 2001, Interactive Advisory Software provides the only fully integrated, web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) comprehensive wealth management solution for financial representatives, RIAs and Broker/Dealers.  The solution combines daily download, consolidation and reconciliation of client accounts from thousands of sources with portfolio accounting, extensive reporting, portfolio rebalancingfinancial planningCRM, and client portals, all from a single application.

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